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At Ominy Market our goal is to provide a suitable environment where sellers and buyers can coexist smoothly without any conflict. Just like every other market place, there are always cases of fraud and fraud attempts. At Ominy Market we have set up measures to protect our sellers and buyers from fraud and hackers.

How we protect you from hackers

Please note that the following methods might be changed or revised in the future if the need comes up.

Our site has been secured using ssl certificates. This prevents hackers monitoring your network from stealing data entered on our site which includes your credit card information usernames and passwords. We have also set up smart systems that block automated programmes from guessing your passwords.

Please note that using weak passwords would still leave you at the risk of unauthorized access because a user would still be able to guess your credentials at a single trial or two. If at worst, there comes an event of an unauthorized access to our database, please note that the intruder will have no access to your credit card credentials because we don’t store them.

Your credit card details are processed by a third party payment processor. You could read up how our payment processor secures your credit card information here, as for your login details, they are hashed and salted which means, even insiders have no access to them.

Your login credentials are made “useless” through a series of encryption techniques before they are stored. Please also note that our systems will lock you out after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. You won’t be able to login or reset your passwords for 12 hours, this was set up to prevent third parties or intruders from gaining illegal access by guessing your password, so double check before logging in.

Please note that using insecure Wi-Fi points could leave you at the mercies of hackers. They could listen to your network and steal your cookies. These cookies could be used to access your account.

Take note of the url in your browser. It is  

any typo is not us, and could be hackers trying to hack your account.

If you feel that your account has been compromised, reset your password immediately using the forget your password, or contact us if you cant reset it.

How we protect sellers

To keep sellers business going and cash coming in, we have put up a couple of measures to protect them.

Please note that the following methods might be changed or revised in the future if the need comes up.

We understand that there might be situations whereby your customer applies for a refund even when you have fulfilled a product or service. This could lead to serious losses and problems for your business and you.

We also understand that competitors or other persons could visit your site, sign up and spam your shop with fake bad reviews. We have set up safety measures against that. Only sellers who have purchased a product can leave a review against that product. With this only legit real reviews will be left on your store.

Please note that our system accepts both bad and good reviews, so make sure you deliver high quality products and services and encourage your customers to leave a review. Doing this will also help your products and shop rank higher when buyers filter available products and shops by ratings.

We have also set up harsh policies and terms against buyers who would attempt to defraud you. This should make any fraudster think twice before making any dirty move against you.

Like the saying goes: What is good for the goose is also good for the Gander, we have also set up measures to protect our buyers from bad businesses and have also laid out harsh terms and policies for businesses who would attempt to “mess things up” for our shoppers.

How to protect your shop from buyer fraud

If a buyer extends a complaint of product not being delivered, and you have no prove that you delivered, we will refund them, and if we receive multiple complaints from buyers on your account, we will take necessary actions which includes suspending your shop, deactivating your shop, closing your shop permanently of banning you as a user from using our services permanently. You don’t want to get scammed by a buyer right?? You don’t want buyers lying or fighting your business right?? Here are measures you can take to protect your shop:

Gather sufficient solid proves when delivering your products and services. Take pictures pictures pictures. You could make videos of you delivering your products and store them till your payment for that product and service is cleared and sent to you. You could ask your customers to sign on a form or whatever. These signatories could include something significant about them and their account to protect you further. (Not their account password or usernames)

Deliver your product using a trusted logistics company. Keep your tracking details, you could take more pictures or make videos when delivering to your preferred logistics company. We might ask you for delivery proves we can verify if your customers file a complaint against you.

Use tamper seals. By using tamper seals, you discourage fraudsters from messing with your business.

We will never ask you for your passwords, never give them out to anyone.

Take note of the url in your browser. It is  

any typo is not us, and could be hackers trying to hack your account.

If you feel that your account has been compromised, reset your password immediately using the forget your password, or contact us if you cant reset it.

How we protect our buyers

Please read and understand or refund policy for more information

We understand that businesses could display fake products for sale in attempt to gulp your hard earned cash while leaving you in tears. We have set up measures to help you bypass this. When you make an order, you funds are stored in our accounts (Not the sellers account) in wait for an order fulfillment. Our systems were designed to issue payments to vendors only when they have fulfilled their orders for the week.

Its advisable to purchase from verified shops. You could go further by visiting their verified social media profiles.

If for any reason a vendor requests that you provide your token so that they would withdraw their funds and process your products and service, note that you do that at your own risk. If by chance you are scammed, please leave a descriptive bad review on their shop and contact us with proves that you were scammed and your products or service was not delivered. Contacting us will only help us review your case and and execute appropriate penalties to such shops and wont give you a refund.

You might have to be careful here, as filing a fake case against the buyer could lead to the blacklisting of your account and credentials from our system!! Which means, if after rigorous checks we find you guilty, you might never be able to shop on Ominy Market forever.

We also know that you might be unsatisfied with a product (not service), and can apply for a refund through the shop of your seller. We will refund the original price of those products or services back to your account. We will advice you to leave full reviews of the products you purchase. These reviews are synched with their shops. These reviews will help other buyers make wise purchase decisions and will also help us track down low quality sellers.

You we have also set up harsh policies against sellers who will attempt to scam you

That is all for now…

Happy shopping

Happy $$$$

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