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Refund Policy

Everything been normal, you find a lovely product you make your order, in few days time your product arrives or your service is delivered. Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. A broken product might be delivered to you, a product different from what you ordered might be delivered or your vendor fails to deliver at all. In all these scenarios, we got you covered to an extent. When this happens, there are a couple of ways to get a refund.

First, understand that we fulfill several products ourselves. We also support third party vendors, which means that any business owner can sign up with us, upload their products and manage orders themselves. We have different refund policies for each of these situations.

Hint: Products fulfilled by our vendors have their shops clearly written beside the product.

Lets start with products fulfilled by us.

Although it rarely happens, there are several things that can go wrong with your orders. We would take each of them one by one and explain how refunds are processed with each of them.

Before we proceed please note that you can instantly cancel orders that you haven’t paid for yet directly from the check out page or delete them directly from your basket.

Lets dive straight into the details

  • Items never arrived or haven’t arrived
  • Products were broken
  • You don’t like the product
  • Wrong delivered products
  • Purchased the wrong products

Items never arrived or haven’t arrived

You might want to exercise a little patience after you make your purchase, your items can take between two weeks to 8 weeks to get you. You should see the estimated delivery date on the shipping method you chose

Item that never arrived after the proposed delivery time or have not arrived are subject to a full refund. Partial refunds are provided for cases when the amount of your claims is less than the value of the goods. For example, you ordered a blue shoe, but a red one arrived. It is also applicable when a product comes with minor defects but is still usable.

You specify the amount of compensation yourself, but the final refund sum will be the result of bidding with us. If you do not manage to agree. we will attempt to escalate your refund request. Please note that we do not guaranty that your desired price will be refunded. You have seven days to apply for a refund after you get your products. If you will love to return the items delivered to you return it as soon as possible, then note that we don’t guaranty a free “return shipping”

Products were broken

You will have to prepare your evidences to be able to receive your refund.

You don’t like the product

Please note that to receive refunds on products you don’t like, the products have to be returned intact without any damages.

Wrong delivered products

To return wrong products please return them as soon as possible intact in their packaging neat without damages.

Purchased the wrong products

To return wrongly purchased products, please return them as soon as possible intact in their packaging neat without damages.

Here is how to apply for a refund

Prepare your evidence: Film the unboxing of your delivered products. Capture every necessary thing like labels, shipping numbers, your name on the receipts etc. Please note that in some disputes, we might not be able to do anything if you can’t provide this. Take pictures of the product(s) and gather everything you will need.

Click on the refund button on the orders page in your profile. We will receive your refund requests and start processing it. Please include a detailed message on why you need a refund and the problems you had with your order. If by chance you will love to return the products delivered, send us a refund request stating that you will love to return the products sent to you. Please note that you will not be able to return used products, products damaged by you or products with broken seals. You have 7 days from receiving the item(s) to return your order without explanation as long as: – All items are in perfect condition and in the original packaging. Please note that in all these, we still can’t guaranty that your funds will be refunded. This rarely happens, so don’t bother much about getting refunded. Our aim and interest is to maintain a continuous high customer satisfaction. We will always work hard to ensure that your refunds get to you, Please note that it will take between 2 weeks to 2 months to get your refunds depending on how complicated things go.

FAQ about returns on products fulfilled by us

1) What is the deadline to apply for a return?
You must apply within 7 days of receiving the item(s). To return items, you must keep them in perfect condition, without using or removing the labels and the original packaging.

2) Who pays for the shipping costs when making the return?
It depends on the product or combination of the products you are returning. For some, you will enjoy a free shipping, for some you will have to pay the full shipping fees.

3) How long does it take to be refunded in full?
A full refund will be given once we have received your package and confirmed that the conditions for reimbursement have been met. The sooner you return the item(s), the sooner you will get your refund.

4) How do we deliver/deposit the refund?
Your refund will be returned using the same method used for the original payment of the purchase.

5) Will my funds be refunded fully

Please note that at this time only the original price of the products ordered by you can be refunded. We have no control over the extra fees incurred during currency conversion or taxes. These fees will be listed on your checkout page before you make your payment.

5) How can I make an exchange instead of a return?
We’re sorry, but item exchanges are not currently supported. However, you may place a new order before or after receiving a refund, since the return order and the new order are independent processes.

Please note that these refund issues rarely happen so don’t get yourself too bothered about refund issues

For third party independent sellers

To get a refund on products purchased from ominy market vendors first,

Contact your vendor (If they have contacted you before) and personally ask for a refund. Your vendor will refund you fully or apply for a refund on your behalf. Please note that we cannot issue refunds on verified deliveries IE deliveries you have confirmed by signing with with your seller, in this case its the seller that has the power to issue a refund.

If you decide to cancel your order before the seller contacts you, apply and you will get a full refund. Please note that these type of refunds could take up to one week or more to get to you.

Do note that your order can still be cancelled and refunds disbursed to you from our end even after you verify your delivery if your vendor have not withdrawn their funds, nevertheless, your seller still needs to apply for a refund on their end before your refunds are sent.

Please do not sign with your seller if you are not comfortable with a product or service, signing with them nullifies our ability to refund you from our end. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your product, please leave a review accordingly on the vendors shop. You will find the link on any product or service sold by the seller. Don’t spam our reviews, they will be deleted.

To cancel an order, and receive a refund, please apply for a refund through your vendor and you will get a refund. If your seller rejects your request, don’t worry, simply send us a mail with correct details of your order including your order id, (Flutterwave order id and product order id) date of order, full profile details etc. We will process and refund you as soon as possible. Flutterwave sends you receipts when you make payments, find your order id there.

For refunds on products purchased from third party vendors, please note that you have 7 days starting from the day you ordered to request for a refund directly from us, after 7 days, we won’t be able to process your refunds by ourselves, you will have to contact and discuss with your vendor for a refund if there is any need for that after 7 days starting from the day of your purchase.

Remember that you are free to write reviews on products you ordered wether bad or good. You are free to talk about your experience with your order in the review section. You can write a complaint to us about a product, an order or a vendor using the chat button.


Please don’t send us refund requests on orders that have been been verified, most importantly orders that have been fulfilled by the seller. If we investigate and figure out that you are trying to defraud our sellers, you will be penalized, or banned permanently from shopping or selling with us. To make you understand how we hate fraud, you could kiss your funds goodbye forever. Please be nice and don’t try any thing dirty.

We hate fraud and will mess with any defaulter we find guilty.

Much love from all of us at Ominy Market

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